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We are located at 34 South Main Street in Hanover, NH, just above Lou's Restaurant.

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A hip, trendy, & modern salon in Hanover, NH
34 South Main St., Hanover, NH

What’s Your Mood? - The Sumo Stylers have you covered.

Bumble & Bumble has done it again! Introducing the Sumo Stylers for spring!

Shape, tame, mold, and hold… these strong performance stylers do it all.

Sumoclay - Strong on texture. Creates a roughed-up, rugged or badass look – where style meets grunge. Use on dry hair for a workable hold and matte texture.

Sumogel - Strong on shine. Sculpts slick and sleek look, polished to perfection, for a sharp or powerhouse look. Apply to damp for dry hair for a hi-hold shone with a clean finish.

Sumotech - Strong on flexibility. Takes styles from buttoned-up to funky fresh, and back again for a whatever or Brooklyn stance. Use on damp or dry hair for flexible hold ad lo-shine finish.

Semisumo - Strong on polish. Finishes styles that need elegance and polish – or drama and shine. Use on dry hair for lo-hold and hi-shine.

Sumowax - Strong on hold. Holds glossy, structured styles of all shapes and sizes for a no-nonsense or dramatic appeal. Use on dry hair for a strong hold and satin finish.

The options are endless. Explore your Sumo–side. What’s your Sumo mood today?

We’re Makin' Waves Salon carries an extensive line of Bumble and Bumble products. Stop in at our South Main Street location in Hanover, New Hampshire or give us a all at 603.643.1244

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